Dr. Cathy Hooper D.V.M.

My name is Cathy Hooper and I am the very proud owner of the Glendale Veterinary Hospital. I worked at Tralee Veterinary Hospital for the first 6 years after graduation and then bought Glendale in 1999. I really enjoy general medicine and giving high quality care to our patients always. My favourite thing about Glendale is the family atmosphere between staff as well as clients and the thing I love most about my job is making a sick patient well again.

My fur family includes Monty the much loved pug, Gracie the Scottish Fold, Chammy the long haired wonder cat and Chewie the black sensitive cat. I was fostering a sweet Papillon named Pipher and just recently adopted him into our family. My family and I enjoy our cottage outside of Huntsville and spend lots of time snowmobiling in the winter months and boating in the summer months. My sons, Chris and Dale, both play varsity volleyball and I very much enjoy watching them play. My family and I are also very active in our church.

Dr. Laura Whiting D.V.M.

From a young age Dr. Whiting was surrounded by a variety of animals and becoming a veterinarian became her passion. Her horses and dogs were some of her best teachers and friends. Dr. Whiting graduated in 1992 from the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph. She has been in small animal practice ever since. Dr. Whiting enjoys veterinary medicine for its diversity, challenges and of course the opportunity to help our four legged friends. Continuing education is important to Dr. Whiting so she regularly attends conferences and seminars. Dr. Whiting is a veterinarian certified in animal chiropractic and she has joined Glendale’s team to bring chiropractic care to their patients. When she is not working she enjoys a variety of sports to stay physically fit, spending time with her family and relaxing with Yoga.

“But ask the animals, and they will teach you….” Job 12:7-10.

Dr. Taryn MacIntyre, DVM

My name is Taryn MacIntyre and I am a veterinarian here at the Glendale Veterinary Hospital.  I graduated from the University of Guelph in 2011 and have been working at Glendale since 2014 but have been working in the veterinary industry for 12 years.  I’ve known that I wanted to be a vet since I was 6 years old when I found out such a job existed.  Everything I have done in my life has helped me get to where I am today; working my dream job.  I love general medicine and surgery but also have a special interest in dermatology and a developing interest in both dentistry and physiotherapy/rehabilitation.

My favourite thing about Glendale is the team that we have here.  The staff go above and beyond and always ensure that our patients are getting the absolute best care possible.  A lot of what they do on a daily basis goes unseen or unnoticed, but the staff at Glendale are some of the best I’ve worked with.  It’s a great feeling coming into work every day knowing that everyone is ready and can be relied upon to provide high quality medicine and care for our patients.

I am the owner of a handsome and snugly orange and white tabby named Orange One, or Monsieur Orange, or just Oliver and a socially awkward and misunderstood black cat named Onyx otherwise known as Darth Onyx.  The thing I love most about my job is bringing back the wag of a dog’s tail or the purr to a cat who hasn’t been feeling well.  There is no greater reward than helping a sick or sore animal feel better.  I love to travel the world!  Every year my husband and I travel to a new country, sometimes more than one.  I also love gardening, yoga, Zumba, x-country skiing, a good book, Netflix, almost anything animal related and spending time with our family and friends.

Registered Veterinary Technicians

Susan E. Adams,
Registered Veterinary Technician

My name is Susan Adams and I am a technician here at the Glendale Veterinary Hospital.  I graduated from the technician program in 1997 and have been working at Glendale since 1998.  I have focused on two areas of specialty that I greatly enjoy: dog and cat behaviour and dental health. These two areas are much underrated in our profession because they do not always lead to an immediate solution.

 My favourite thing about Glendale is by far our clients and patients as well as being able to provide high quality medicine and being able to do all that I was trained to do.  I am the proud owner of Hannah, my American Cocker Spaniel but have owned many dogs of different breeds over the years.  In my spare time I enjoy riding horses, reading, biking and electronics.

Denise Hall,
Registered Veterinary Technician

My name is Denise Hall and I am a technician here at the Glendale Hospital. I graduate from the technician program in 1999 and have been working at Glendale since 2008. I enjoy working in surgery and am passionate about physiotherapy and rehabilitation. My favourite thing about Glendale is our wonderful clients and their pets. They really take our recommendations to heart, always call if they’re concerned and appreciate all of our efforts. We have so many sweet pets and they love coming’s like visiting with an old friend.

The thing I love most about my job is when I can help make a pet more comfortable and happy, help a sick pet get better and overall increase the quality of the bond between a pet and their family. I am the proud owner of 2 rescue animals, Mac an orange short hair cat and Eddie a beagle cross. In my spare time I enjoy reading, cooking, outdoor activities, hiking and biking. Most recently I started to participate in cross fit and am looking forward to using Olympic lifting to lift something significant by my 40th birthday.


Client Care Representative

Dayna Lammerding,
Client Care Representative

My name is Dayna and I am a receptionist at Glendale since 2010.  I have worked with small and large animals since I was young.  I thoroughly love my job here at the clinic and enjoy seeing our clients and their furry friends.  I currently live in Grand Valley with my fiancé, our dog Meeka , who is a lab mix, and our 2 cats Annie and Tig.



Becky Milton
Practice Manager

My name is Becky Milton and I am the Practice Manager at the Glendale Veterinary Hospital.  I have worked in the veterinary industry for over 20 years.  I started out as a kennel attendant and worked through high school and university.  After school I worked as a veterinary technician for five years and then decided to move into a management position.  I joined the Glendale team in February 2015 and have not looked back since.  My favourite thing about Glendale is that our team practices high quality medicine and customer service and we work hard as a team to ensure that every client visit is a great experience.  The thing I love most about my job is that I get to interface with all team members and contribute to all aspects of the care given to our patients and I love being a part of changing animals lives and their owners lives for the better.

I am the mother of Jersey the Great Dane, Sophie the Staffordshire Terrier,  Milo the brown tabby and Lily and Olivia my 2 human babies.  I enjoy spending time with family and friends, reading a good book, crocheting (don’t tell anybody), skyrobics (aerobics on a trampoline) and beach volleyball.