About Glendale:

Our Animal Staff

Kiwi: The Announcer

Hi everyone, my name is Kiwi.  At Glendale, it is my job to keep a careful watch over our treatment area.

I faithfully announce my love of the early morning hours with a sweet hello each and every day.  I greet all the girls in the morning when they come in, to me it is music to my ears, but the girls think my song is loud and piercing.  I like being a part of Glendale, until it comes to being touched, I don’t care for that.  I very much enjoy the perches in my cage, and I am a big fan of dogs.  I usually only see women during my days, so I tend to sing a more “manly” song when men come into the treatment area.

Emmeline: Glendale’s Food Tester

Hi guys!  I’m Emmeline or Emmy if we are friends. I am the black and white clinic cat who people say was the ugliest kitten alive when I was found under a porch.  Dr. Hooper keeps telling people that I am a good example of what an overweight cat looks like, but it really is all hair.  I do consider myself the official food tester at Glendale; I feel it is my responsibility to chew open bags of food when no one is looking and sample the contents to make sure it tastes fresh enough.  I am so dedicated to my job that I don’t discriminate between brands of food or foods meant for cats or dogs, I test them all!


Puddin:  “Cheerer Upper ”

Hey there everybody! How are you? Does anyone need or want a snuggle??  I am the youngest, fastest, coolest member of the feline Glendale team.  I was found on the side of the road as a kitten and after trying unsuccessfully to find me an adoptive family, the Glendale girls recognized my truly unique spirit and adopted me themselves.  Some say that I am the troublemaker of the bunch, but I also welcome most clients to the clinic and also sit with many of our surgical patients as they are recovering from surgery.