What To Do After Hours



It never fails, your pet seems fine all day and then they get sick after the clinic has closed for the day.  What should you do?  Depending on the situation, waiting until the next day may not be an option.  That is why we recommend taking your pet to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Brampton.

The Emergency Veterinary Clinic in Brampton has veterinarians and technicians on duty all night long (from 7pm until 7am), ready to see your pet upon arrival. Dr. Hooper is a part owner of the Emergency Veterinary Clinic.  As such, she is able to voice her opinion when it comes to the quality of care provided at EVC.

If your pet needs continuing care after your visit to EVC, they are transferred back to us in the morning.  If you have any concerns about why we use the after hours veterinary hospital or about your experience there, please contact us, we would love to discuss this with you.


For After Hours Emergency Care please call our Emergency Veterinary Clinic

1 Wexford Road

Brampton ON

L6Z 2W1


(Clinic is located in Wexford Plaza in Brampton)